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Angely Herrera

Senior Consultant

Herrera Davis_Angely_photo - Angely Herrera Davis.png

Angely Herrera Davis is an experienced grant writer and consultant, recognized for her keen ability to identify weaknesses in grant proposals and nonprofit communication from serving as a federal and foundation grant reviewer. Bringing a diverse background as a board-certified medical laboratory scientist, she excels in grant project management, quality review, and community engagement and benefits planning, having worked within federal firms that have collectively secured grants ranging from several million to over a billion dollars. Angely’s transition to grant writing was driven by her passion to make a stronger impact on key issues like climate change. Her approach centers on creating an educational environment, enhancing clients' grant writing capacities and understanding of donor alignment. Angely has worked across sectors such as clean energy, minority business development, and habitat conservation. She holds a BS from The Ohio State University in Medical Laboratory Science.

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